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Living the Yoga Life is fortunate to have a very diverse team made up of writers, researchers, instructors, and product designers. Our team contributors are highly qualified in their expertise. Here are a few to peruse.

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Katie has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She not  practices mostly high impact yoga, six days a week, she also does group and private lessons. She likes the energic styles of yoga such as Hot Yoga and HITT Yoga. If you want to lose weight, stay fit and are up to the challenge, Katie is your girl. .

Jarrod, a contributing writer, has been practicing yoga for several years. He is an enthusiast practicing often six days a week. He mixes things up with core strengthening yoga poses but also practices Hatha, Yin, and Restorative yoga. He helps instruct people with lower back issues and those who feel overwhelmed.

JoAnna is a retired RN, an acupuncturist, laser and hypnotherapist. and now blogger. For the last decade, she has been working with clients who have chronic conditions and disabilities. Her interests and preferred style of yoga are in the Mind, Body, and Spirit realm which she researches and blogs about. She practices Aqua Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Chair yoga, and other forms of self-care practices.

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Hi, my name is JoAnna. I am the founder and director of Living the Yoga Life.

My background has been and continues to be in healthcare. I was a nurse for 35 years and branched out to medical aesthetics. After a car accident blindsided me, I spent several years trying to get out of chronic pain and find peace with my new lifestyle.

That is when my transformation began into mindfulness, yoga, Pilates, and various other self-care modalities necessary to get my life back on track.

I became certified in other healing practices such as acupuncture, low-level laser therapy, and hypnotherapy. I found adding various combinations of these therapies to be helpful to my clients. Self-care and mindfulness became my mantra.

My career for the past two decades has moved in the direction of helping others living with chronic pain, imbalances, and disharmony, to find peace and harmony for a blessed life that truly matters.


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